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Glomed Pharmaceutical.,Inc

Cam Tu Pharmaceutical Company., Ltd, Glomed’s precursor, established in 1995 in Ho Chi Minh City, has been a large distributor for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

After a period of research and evaluation on the development trend of the domestic pharmaceutical industry and in order to be more active in the distribution, to establish our own brand for contributing in the meeting of domestic demands on medicines for treatment, for limiting the dependence on foreign supply, for reducing the patient’s medical expenses  and saving national foreign exchanges, in 2007 we built 2 plants for modern drugs production:


 - Glomed 1 (35, Tu Do Boulevard, VSIP, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province).


 - Glomed 2 (29A, Tu Do Boulevard, VSIP, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province).

(GLOMED 1Plant – 35 Tu Do Boulevard,VSIP, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province)

(GLOMED 2 Plant – 29A Tu Do Boulevard,VSIP, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province)

The project has a total investment capital of 18 million USD.

Total building area : approximately 16000 m2  .


The main products of the plants are drugs  of the Non – Betalactam group and drugs of the Betalactam group ( the cephalosporins ) with a capacity of about one billion tablets /capsules per year, and  consisting of tablets, film-coated tablets, hard-gelatin capsules,  sachets, creams/ointments.

In April and August of 2008, the construction projects of the two plants were finished successively and the company has been granted the Certificate of WHO-GMP, GLP and GSP by the Ministry of Health .

     In production, besides the investment in a modern line for R&D and trial production, the company has established the production lines of tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules, sachets, creams/ointments with equipment such as rapid mixer granulator, fluid bed drier, tableting machine, capsule filling machine, metal detector, film coating machine, blistering machine, packaging machine, cream fabricating machine, from Germany, the United States, Spain, Belgium, Singapore. 

The RO water treatment system is designed and manufactured according to the European technology.

The modern air treatment system ensures the temperature, humidity, microbiological  level of air in compliance with the GMP standard and the differential pressure among  different rooms  to prevent the cross-contaminations which may appear in the production process.

       All research, production processes are applied with modern procedures and controlled by the Quality Assurance/Quality Control  departments with many modern equipment such as  high performance liquid chromatography systems/HPLC, Infrared spectrophotometer, Ultra-violet spectrophotometer, potentiometric titrator, water titrator Karl Fischer , … imported from the US, Germany, Japan and Switzerland.

      Besides the assurance of modern production technology, the unmissable issue is the competent human resource.

Therefore, the establishment of a professional staff with much experience in the pharmaceutical industry and foreign experts is of special importance to the company.

Moreover, Glomed always gives to the staff time and expense to participate in the training classes, domestic and foreign professional courses, in order to enhance the specialised skill, professionalism, to contribute to the strong development and success of the company in the future.

      To ensure the selling price to the patients at the minimum level, the company has continually diversified the types of products , built the reasonable prices and had a flexible sale policy through the system of agencies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, pharmacies nationwide and is preparing conditions for export of products to the foreign market in 2010.

 Especially, in commercial centers and large cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Can Tho, Glomed Co has established its branches to meet trend of the market timely, and organized the product distribution network.

Concurrently, this is also considered as an effective measure to prevent the production of counterfeit products, imitation products, which have bad effect on the treatment quality of the patients and the image of our  product brand .


     As of  March 2010 Glomed Co has more than 120 products  licensed for circulation in the market .

The main products of the plants are of  the Non – Betalactam group and of the Betalactam group (the cephalosporins)  consisting of tablets, film-coated tablets, hard-gelatin capsules,  sachets, creams/ointments.

At present, products of Glomed are distributed all over the provinces and cities in the  nation, among them there are some typical products  such as Cadiovascular drugs : Glovitor, Lodovax, Glocor; Antibiotics : Actixim, Glocip…; Anti-inflammatory drugs: Alphachymotrypsin Glomed.

Especially, the antibiotic  Actixim has good  bioequivalence as shown in the study  by the National Institute Of Drug Quality Control .

Interview of the General Director :


Glomed has built and is building a brandnamefor the general development of the pharmaceutical industry of VN in theprocesss of integration. In this process, the policy of “continuous innovationfor improvement of the quality of products and for reasonable prices for the consumers” will be in the roadmap to the future       


“Together for health”  is our slogan.

(Glomed Pharmaceutical.,Inc.)

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